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e I left t▓he Home. On my third day in the city I ▓rose early and passed out alo▓ng the highway to the eastward.T●he police, evidently, had been caught nappi●ng, for no spy overtook me, a●nd by noonday I was wandering th▓rough the maze of streets and canals of ▓Osaka.My presence in that city was soon ▓known, however, for an interpr▓eter sought me out in the early evening at● the inn to which I had retired.As if

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ed the sup e▓rintendent. “But you are ●an Englishman,” retorted th

his quiz●zing were not sufficient, a second officer a▓roused me at dawn and not on●ly put me through the usual catechi▓sm but followed at my heels until I had ente▓red the precincts of the railway station.● There two officers

dragged me into their boot▓h and subjected me to a cross●-examination the length of w●hich caused me to miss the second train I had h●oped to catch. Luckily the service wa●s frequent.I purchased a ticket to Kyoto and● boarde

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    d the ten o’clock express.● Barely had I settled down in my seat, howev?/p>

    坋r, when

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    two officers dashed into the car. “●The police captain say you come polic

    e stati?/p>

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    坥n!” cried one of them, catching me b●y the arm.“Captain like sp

    eak you.”

e detec●t ive. “

Our Plans

Plan 1

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478“▓The captain be blowed!” I answere●d, pushing him away. “You come! Captain sa▓y not go with

Plan 2

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this train!” shouted th●e officer. His companion came to his assi▓stance and the pair laid hands on▓

Plan 3

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me.I braced my knees against the back of t▓he next seat and let them pull.I▓n the Western world we hear

Just the r eason I can▓ tell an American,” responded the man●ager. “

much ▓of jiu-jitsu and the physical prowess of th●e Japanese.As for her policemen, and t▓his was but one of many a personal encount?/p>

Here! Look these over,” I put i●n, producing my papers. The officers,

坋r they forced upon me, it was never my misfo●rtune to meet one with more str●ength than a schoolgirl.For fully five ▓minutes the pair tugged and yanked at m●y arms and legs; but not once during

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▓however , were unr

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that tim▓e was I in the least danger of being ▓dragged from my seat. The pair held the trump● card, however, for they forbade the e●xpress to move while I remained ●on board.I took pity on my fell

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